The Soundtrack of my life!

In December 2017, Nirupama Rao’s  music album, “Peace is My Dream” produced by The Peninsula Studios, was released under the Universal Music Group, India. On this album, Nirupama has collaborated with Soundarie David Rodrigo and Neranjan de Silva of Sri Lanka. This is very much a “Music Beyond Borders” project.

Nirupama has sung since she was a child, focusing on western music – jazz, musical theatre, folk music and art song. The famous twins of history, East and West, are conjoined in the musical quest that she has pursued through the course of her life. Her profession as a diplomat took her to different corners of the planet and from each of these experiences, Nirupama saw her life enriched by the vibrancy and the rhythms   of varied cultures and musical traditions. In this album, she sings some of her favourite songs. The themes are varied, in time and place, but together she says that ‘they speak of the mysteries of our finite lives, of home and exile, beauty and worship, of love, sorrow and longing, and the dream of peace and healing that we chase through our existence , wherever we may belong.'”